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We are going to tell you what is inverter and different types of inverter use in industry.

We have seen many people searching on various search engines about types of inverters and their applications.

Let ‘s start with so if you will read this complete article about on inverter types than Read full article here.

The inverter does convert DC into remains a voltage output.

So typically a 12-volt DC input usually seems like a lead-acid car battery and it will cover that act in 2 to 14 mains.

What that means 300 watts volt RMS which is about by 1.2 amps and to produce that implies 12 volts at roughly around 300 Watts.

so that’s around the 30 amp mark roughly wrapping around.

So let’s start with what is an inverter. As you know, the inverter is an electronic device which converts DC into AC.

Example- if you apply a DC voltage in the input, and you will get an AC or different kinds of waves and output.

Usually, Inverter converts this battery stored energy into AC power to supply your appliances.

So the inverter primary light device which converts DC into AC. So there are many types of inverters available in the market.

How does an inverter work?

In the condition of mains being available, the inverter converts the AC power into DC power and switches on the battery

charging and at the same time, runs the AC load in Bypass mode.

When the battery is fully charged, then the inverter switches off the battery charging and runs the AC load continuously in Bypass mode.

At times, the inverter provides voltage and current pulses to the battery so that the battery is fully charged all the time.

This process is called trickle charging.

In the condition of mains being failed, the inverter takes the battery from DC power and runs the load on AC power.

It takes the inverter some time to get back to Battery mode and meanwhile, the charging switches off for a few seconds and then switches on.

How Inverters Work – Working principle

When working with main supply, please use some common sense and take necessary precautions.

The main supply can be fatal if you are not careful enough and do not know what you do with that out of the way.

For example, I am taking a Luminess 875 VA inverter for explaining. Watch this video for better understanding

This is the Luminous 875 VA inverter; this is a single cell inverter which means that I can connect only one battery to it at the back.

You can see the wire connections this is the input wire this socket connects to the AC supply and that charges your batteries.

These two wires connect to the batteries, and this socket is the output socket. This might change according to different models.

In some models, a socket will be replaced by screw terminals. Where you just have to screw in your wires.

I am standing barefoot, and I can touch the UPS battery, and nothing will happen.

You can still see the UPS is even on but I can still touch it, and nothing will happen.

What you have to notice is I am not touching both the terminals together that are stupidity.

That is something that you should have to do now. I have to remove these two wires to do that.

I will be using a cutting player like I said I am NOT going to touch these together and I’m not even going to try it.

Usually, the batteries are powered with high amperes, and that’s why when you connect the wire you get this parks.

Don’t be scared it’s perfectly normal.

This is the Excite cube master tubular battery. This is made explicitly for inverters. This can power up a room for about four hours.

All the batteries should be placed outside in a well-ventilated area because this water you see I just filled up the battery with distilled water.

You can see already some of them are coming out.

These are acid, and it can be harmful if you inhale the fumes. So it’s better to keep them outside.

Now I have kept it UPS next to the battery and have connected just the negative terminal to the battery here is the positive terminal.

Which I am going to connect right now.

I’ve run through two wires through my window which runs all the way to the inverter. T

his black wire is 1.5 mm 3 core wire. This will attach to the input wire of the inverter, and this will charge the battery.

Whereas the red cable will connect to the output of the inverter and then get connected to the MC be providing the output from the inverter.

We don’t need the negative cable because they are already connected through the charging cable, and

that’s why sometimes black cable or the negative cable is called as standard, and the same goes for the earth also both of them are connected.

So we don’t need actually to use separate wires this saves on cable.

This is the common practice when a UPS is connected to the main supply, and I’ve done the same for my home also.

Here’s the cable connected and here’s the output connection.

I just used luck because it fits appropriately here and it is tight the wiring comes out of the window and runs all the way in

the room goes through the ceiling to be MCB.

I’m here at the MCB and here goes the positive rail and the negative rail from the mains and when I switch on the power

it goes from here to here and then to the rest of the room.

I’ve pulled out this yellow wire which is the main, and it was connected earlier here.

Here are the cables the three core wire. Which is going to charge the inverter and one output wire.

First let me go ahead and connect the earth wires, by the way, I have switched off the mains so I can touch any wire and nothing will happen.

The negative cable gets connected along with the negative wire. over here at the MCB is trying to find a place and

then finally I will attach the positives together the output that comes actually from the inverter will get connected now to the

positive end of the MCB.

I’ll finally put some heat shrink tubes on to secure the connection.

Let me explain you the connection one more time the mains wire the ground wire and the earth wire are now connected to the charging cable of the inverter.

The output cable is now connected to the MCB so when the power is on the inverter bypasses the battery and directly

connects the mains.

So the power runs from the positive rails go all the way to the inverter and then comes back as an output through this red

wire into the MCB.

When the power is off the same output is sent, but then the battery power is fed into the MCB.

That’s how the connection works, and before closing the board I will do a test run in this room the tube light is off.

Let me switch on everything, and I am going to go to the UPS and switch on the UPS, and hopefully, everything should work fine.

It says the UPS is on here’s power by the way the main is off this is entirely running from the battery unit.

I’m happy it works this will power both the rooms which will usually have a computer through the 3d printer.

Which consumes less amount of current but if it was a bandsaw or a table saw then I would have used 4 mm wire.

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Usually, the battery and the inverter should be kept only 1 feet apart not more than that because with the small thin wire it

takes a lot of energy for the inverter to pull the current from the battery.

after that I learned this the hard way initially.

Than I had kept the inverter near the MCB and was almost 20 feet away from the battery, and it did not work so all my work yesterday was in vain.

After that I learned the hard way that they should not be kept apart, so that’s a small tip for you until next time happy learning.

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okay the thing with this inverter this is a 2000watt. is that when I received it due to the transportation the box was

damaged and this black negative pin for the input was completely broken.

and I’ve been here gluing it and trying to keep it in place what happened was that as.

I put this in place somehow inside the contacts between black and red came together through this board because this is metal I believe.

I have a shortcut here between this one and this one and that’s why whenever I plug it to a power supply it it shuts the power supply down.

because my power supply that one it has a feature that if it detects a short-circuit it shuts down and that’s what’s

happening and I’ll try to fix that my power inverted.

I think it has the input shorted if I do this negative and positive it gives me readings so we’ll disassemble it and try to see

what’s going on inside

if I could manage to fix this. it looks like this is going to be a quick fix because I’ll show you got a better view I have

loaded to my volt power supply

and I’ve plugged it like this keeping them positive and negative separated. and now when I go here and I turn it on it

simply turns on and the fan

starts working and looks like the inverter is working fine so the sharp cut was so the shortcut. was an issue with ground

touching positive on the inside

I’ll simply fix that and hopefully it’ll be good to go I’ve assembled think back together as you can see here put this book

covering Certus in place.

you’re on this side on this side goes another one another – one on each corner and hopefully this will be working fine

okay and thing is assembled back together.

we still have some readings not much let’s test it again okay now I have here a car battery the inverter and I also have a

light bulb connected to it.

and this is just for testing this inverted as a feature that if it has low power it beeps so let me just turn it on and now.

I’ll touch the board’s on in the battery and let’s see if it works there you go it’s working so it is working fine see you