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AC Fan/Compressor Not Working – How To Test /Repair Broken HVAC Run Start Capacitor Air Condition HD

hello everyone today I’m going to make a Blog on how to change your run capacitor on your air conditioning unit

now most air conditioning units have one of these or something similar to a run

capacitor so basically they’re they’re aware item they will wear out now the

one I had in my machine or my air conditioner lasted years

pretty good long time but it did fail and when it fails your air conditioning

unit will no longer power up and will no longer work well in Texas hey that’s a

big problem when it’s degrees outside ok your family is going to start

getting hot real fast when this happens now background on my

failure mine happened to go out at the perfect most inopportune time you could

possibly have it go out o’clock p.m. on a Saturday night ok

and in our small town about the only thing you can get from a business at

that time is a pizza okay in large metropolitan centers a/c guys work /

you probably won’t have that much of an issue getting one of these but it won’t

be cheap on a Saturday night I’ll tell you that right now

I called seven or eight different people and I actually got a business owner on

the line and he agreed to meet me to give me one of these

well actually this capacitor exactly you know at at night and I was

very very happy that he did that for me because it saved me and my family a lot

of grief from the heat so this is eleven dollars and ninety five cents at Amazon

I now have a spare one of these because I will never be without one of these as

long as have a house with AC and I I strongly recommend that if you have an

AC unit that you check your capacitor and even if it’s perfectly fine finding

a replacement one with the exact same specs on it and buy it because it will

go on you and it will go on you at a bad time usually there isn’t a good time for

these things to go especially in Texas because you want your AC working all the

time so I’ll show you how to replace this and you know I’ll show you how to

test it as well though in general you really don’t need to test it you’ll see

I’ll show you how you can whether it’s failed or not without even

having a meter because it does have one telltale sign that it’s failed and other

than your AC unit is not working okay so I’ll show you how what the failure

was and what it looked like on my AC unit plus everything else you need to

know to replace it again do not be without one a spare one of these for

your AC unit it is essential and I’m telling you eventually you’ll be very

glad you have it my replacement unit by the way cost fifty five dollars from the

AC guy on Amazon it’s twelve bucks so I mean just for that I saved you know I’ll

save you know what forty bucks on the installation or the replacement of the

next one if this one goes or when this one goes alright I’m going to show you

the symptoms of my what my AC unit is actually doing right at this point and

I’m going to switch it on and you can hear and see what’s going on and we’re

looking at the top of the AC unit with the fan you so you can hear it buzzing

you can hear the motor trying to start but there’s no action anywhere okay and

show you something here I’m going to use a little stick here and just spin the

fan you can see the Finn the fan tries to start up and it’s trying to spin up

and it’s spinning up but obviously it didn’t spin up on its own as it should

and it’s not going full speed either it’s like taking forever to get up to

speed and I doubt it’s going to keep on going again the compressor I have not heard it turn on yet

now I just heard the compressor buzz again sounds like it’s trying and

basically what all this indicates is that the capacitor in this AC unit is

not working correctly because neither one of the motors is spinning up but

obviously they’re getting energy because the fans spinning and you can hear the

motor the AC motor trying to engage but if the capacitor isn’t up to snuff

neither one will actually happen so I’m just going to go inside now and

shut it off shutting it off I turn the thermostat control to off okay before

beginning any kind of work on your AC unit you need to find your breaker box

that holds the breaker for the going to your AC unit and as you can see here

there is my box there’s my AC unit usually not very far away from it and you’ll see a wire going

from it to the AC unit so first the reason you need to find out breaker box

is because you need to remove the breaker to room disconnect the going

to the actual air-conditioning unit so we’re going to do that next it’s the

first thing we need to do is open the breaker box you see a little lock at the

bottom on this one yours may be somewhere else but push down on the lock

open the door and then the door if you slide it in a little bit at the top

it’ll just stay there okay next we’re going to look at what’s inside all right

now we’re looking inside our breaker box and there’s the actual breaker itself

and as you can see he’s got an on-and-off setting to it basically you

know they’re saying he’ll take it out flip it over and it’ll be off well you

know what there’s no sure way to make sure that that breaker is off take it

right out of the box so there we go we pulled it it’s got a little handle on it

as you can see hopefully and you pull the whole breaker off there it is the

two contacts and I’m putting it on top of the box that way I know there’s no

chance that there being any power at that inside the well no chance of being

volts inside the control panel for the air conditioning unit and that’s

what we’re going to look at next right now we’re looking at the side panel

right here and this panel has to come off and there’s one bolt here and

another bolt over here and two more on the bottom I’ll show you those there we

go one here and one over here and they’re / bolts and I’m going to use my nut

driver to get those out of there and then remove this panel all right we

got the side panel off and we’re looking at the internal circuitry of the actual

AC unit and the capacitors this large component right here usually it’s in the

shape cylindrical sometimes it’s a different shape but this is the

capacitor I’m dealing with here today so let me zoom into that and that’s what it

looks like now understand the capacitors hold a charge or can hold a charge so you want

to discharge them before you touch anything so even if you know you think

that the capacitor is bad you should still do this I’m going to short all

these leads together and I’m just going to use a screw driver to do that and

then we’ll continue on from there all right I used a screw driver to discharge

this capacitor and I put a across each terminal like this and across like that

and I was holding the handle not the actual metal part of the screw driver so

here’s what counts on this these wires go into specific points on this

capacitor and they’re labeled so you should actually write down which color

wire goes into which actual terminal and the three terminal names on mine are H

erm erm s C for common I would have to say and fan on the last one so I’ve

written this down and obviously I have it on Blog too and so basically when I

replace when I put a new one in here all these wires go into the right contacts

they don’t just go willy-nilly into any contact so I mind the blue goes to herm

the yellow goes to contact and the brown goes to fan yours may be different so

make sure you write it down or take a picture of it prior to taking it out so

that you can put it back in correctly when you get your new one next thing

we’re going to do is remove this little knot here which is a quarter inch nut

and then remove actually next I’m going to take the wires off of it

there we go and then take the back one off here easier when it’s in the bracket

there we go so that’s disconnected all the wires to the actual capacitor next

I’m going to do is take the metal bracket that’s holding it on there off

and then we’re going to test it that’s it two capacitors out let me show

you what’s what this looks like on top not sure whether you can see the

markings or not there’s her and it’s stamped right on the top cover fan and

see see for common so we have all those three contacts now the other thing you

need to notice here on this one you see how it’s bubbled up like this okay

that’s usually indication of a failure this top piece should be flat if yours

is bubbled up or pushed up in any way whatsoever distorted upwards then more

than likely your capacitors bad but we’ll test that and then come up with a

you know positive diagnosis using my meter here the components and the meter that I

use to test these capacitors this is my old capacitor from the AC unit that

failed this is my new capacitor this is actually my spare but it’s exact same as

the one as I have running in the air-conditioning unit right at this

moment and you know basically I want to talk a little bit about the meter

because you need if you’re going to test these with a meter you need one capable

of doing it the cheaper meters I found like you know they under $ meters

don’t have the capacitance range to actually test these capacitors they’ll

go up to micro farad’s but these are micro farad capacitors so you need

one that can actually do that this one’s range is up to micro farad so it’s

excellent this is the mastic to and I got to sit amazon for $ and

can’t say enough nice things about this meter it’s an excellent meter I don’t

think I’ll ever need anything else you know as far as a multimeter goes but you

know I have several anyway but this one covers most bases very very well for

bucks I don’t think you can beat it and I’ll put a link to it in my Blog

description if you want to buy it but if you don’t have this meter you know don’t

fret because you know you can actually look at this capacitor and examine your

own capacitor and determine whether it’s you know faulted or not so let’s get

this out of the way first thing you need to do with any capacitor is discharged

the leads now I did that by shorting the leads with a screwdriver okay so you

take your screwdriver and you hold the insulated handle and you go across the

leads all the way across okay and that that’ll short it and if actually if you

go from the C which is a common to the other tooth and then you know basically

short them all out you’ll be fine and I’ve done that with both of these and

you should do that with any capacitor you get including a new one out of the box

treat it as is it like a loaded weapon treated like it’s live okay so here’s

what you need to know in order to find a correct replacement for your capacitor

so let’s go look at the specs on this this is a GE capacitor if you look at it you’ll see that it is a l okay

so if you’re looking for an exact replacement for this then just go find yourself a GE capacitor that is

the two l five five six I find that the G capacitors are more expensive than the others

this one’s twenty five or thirty dollars at on Amazon around there actually I’ve

seen it up to thirty five dollars so whereas the other capacitor the sub co

or soup Co I bought was eleven or twelve dollars so the other capacitor has the

exact same ratings as this one so here’s the ratings you need to know do cross

reference to another brand of capacitor so that you get the right capacitor

number one thing you need to know is the micro farad specs on it and this is a

two-pole oh sorry yes a two capacitor bill endure so we have a seventy micro

farad output or a capacity for one of the poles which is the AC compressor and

a . micro farad capacitor built into the same unit for the fans so it’s a

dual capacitor you need to know those specs then you notice here it says

volts so it has to be a volt capable capacitor if it doesn’t say that check

with the manufacturer the specs is plus or minus % so those values can be up or

can vary on this capacitor by % each way Hertz that’s the electrical

current in my wall right now which is American American Standard ACS it’s in

the sixty Hertz and so it meets that and then it says protected okay so it has to

be a protected capacitor because there’s no other the protection needs to be

inside this capacitor for it to work there’s no other circuitry to protect

the capacitor so make sure you also get a protected capacitor if you have a

protected capacitor again the best way not to go wrong is by exactly an exact

replacement but you don’t have to I didn’t I bought one that has the exact

same specs so those are the specs you need to look for these kept protected

and you’ll see underneath this says T , AFC that’s part of the protection

as well make sure your other capacitor has that rating on it

exact same rating mind us so basically I’ll show you the other

capacitor here and those are the specs actually you need to know for that to

replace your capacitor here’s the other capacitor and I’ll go through those

again run capacitor plus . micro farad’s plus or minus % so it’s

actually it’s actual tolerance is a little tighter than the other one so

that’s actually a good thing then we have the voltage which is says and

while the other one was so this one covers that base and then you have

Hertz and that’s the frequency of AC going into it well that’s what we

have here in America and is the exact same spec as the other one and then we

look down here it says protected and it also says , ASC okay and that is

the exact same spec as the other capacitor the only problem I had with

the the op the off-brand non-ge capacitor is that it’s not quite as big

in diameter around so I have to actually modify the bracket on the AC unit to get

it to fit right but it wasn’t a big deal you know you can figure out a way to do

that yourself it’s just a strap anyway so okay so there’s step okay next

thing you need to know say you don’t have a meter and you can’t test the

actual capacitor itself you don’t want to go spend $ on a meter and or you

can’t whatever really you can actually get a good idea of whether this

capacitor is good or bad just by looking at the very top of it and you see here

at the top of it and I’ll show you it here and get down here and focus in on

it there we go okay you see how the whole top has a domed convex shape to it

it looks like it’s you know like it’s got pressure underneath it well it

actually does this this dome this capacitor should actually be absolutely

flat on the top just like this one this one is absolutely flat as you can see okay

there’s no bubbling up or convex shape to it at all this one

you can see how it’s all popped out it looks like it’s you know like you know

like basically it looks like a soda can that’s been left out in the Sun

basically it’s a expanded you can see here here and here the stress that that

cap has put on that piece of metal and that’s how well the AC guy who replaced

this a capacitor for me or gave me this one actually explained to me that the

protection in the capacitor is this cap in other words what they do is they may

they put short leads internally to these contacts so from these contacts inside

this can there are short leads going through the actual capacitor itself okay

and what happens is when the when the capacitor fails this whole cap expands

or the you know it gets hot and the fluid that’s in here turns into a gas

and it expands and when it expands those little leads that go to the capacitor

snap it’s almost like a fuse they would snap but they’re not they’re acting like

a fuse in the sense that it’s a piece of metal that breaks and that expansion of

that cap and the gas in it that is the protection in the unit so if your

capacitor looks like this it has that bulbous shape to it expanded shape to it

it’s more than likely gone anyway so you don’t really need to test it just

replace it and even if it’s not gone and you see that happening while it’s on its

way to being gone and you should replace it anyway this cap should be flat all

right next thing with this capacitor let’s test it with the digital meter and

see what we get now I’ve looked at the specs for this capacitor by the way from

GE and they spec that sorry it has a , our life to it or worked life to

it so it will function for a total of , work hours or you know operation

and % of the time it’ll make it to that , hours so they do have a

lifetime they’re not they don’t last forever they do have a lifetime this one

is a , hours % of the time now that means that % of percent of the

time they don’t make it the , so maybe you got one that didn’t make it to

, maybe you got one that went way past it but regardless they do have a lifetime to

them next let’s test the the the actual capacitor using the meter so we’ll get

the meter over here but it leads into it let’s put it on all right

let’s select thirds Fair arts and we’re going to put the common ground in there

you look at next letters it tells you where to put the leads on incredibly

nice meter for $. okay so there we got the leads in there and the way you

test this is you look and you see that again I showed you earlier that there’s

markings on it well this is C and this is herm and this is fan okay so you go

you put their comment on the C which is common so a comment on the meter is the

black lead or what it says here column and so we’re going to put that on the

common lead here make sure I’m on C yes I am and then we’re going to put the

other lead onto one of the other two capacitors okay so let’s put it on the

herm first and see what we get we don’t get anything that state didn’t even

change state really now with capacitors you need to leave the leads on for you

know seconds for them to actually come up with it with an actual reading

but this is not moving at all it should be moving as we’re doing that so we know

that the firm side the micro farad side is sorry yeah micro farad side is dead let’s try

the fan side again leave it on for about seconds or so see if you get any

action at all it should start moving fairly quickly but again nothing so this

capacitor is certainly dead and the meter has verified that this capacitor is dead so get rid of that let’s test

the good one and see how that comes up again black or common to common the seat on the capacitor right here let’s

go to herm and we’ll wait here and as you can see it’s starting to change there so it’s got I think it has to charge the

capacitorbefore it gets the final reading and there we go sixty nine point six now it’s supposed to be

seventy so that’s pretty close we’re talking four point four micro farad’s

off of there and of course you know that the the meter is going to have a certain

range of what you call it accuracy as well so we’re there it was perfect it’s

working now let’s try the fan side see what we get seven point three five well

it’s supposed to be seven point five and with a five percent variance there we’re

with the inspect no problem at all so and remember the old capacitor was a six

percent variance so the AC unit could take at least six percent off on this

capacitor anyway but regardless it’s with inspect and it works just like it

should right so we know we have a good capacitor here and that’s how you test

your capacitor alright here’s my new capacitor and I have a little problem

the bracket that holds it isn’t big enough the new capacitor though it’s the

same rating as the old capacitor it does not fit in this bracket correctly so I

mean you could shim it I think I’ll bend the bracket a little bit to make it go

or maybe I’ll put a couple of extra holes right here to make it a tighter

fit but you can bend it it’s only a piece of metal galvanized metal I think

and you know just to make it fit so I’m going to do that and then we’re going to

mount it into the machine adjusted that brac a little bit drill a couple extra

holes there to make it a little tighter and the strap now holds it nice and

tight so I’m just going to mount it back into the actual AC unit okay we got the

capacitor mounted and next we just have to hook up two wires

see was my yellow and hopefully you can see right there that it’s marked C for

common and this one is marked erm for hermetic and the back ones mark fan

though I can’t really show you that because the post is in a way this but

I’ve just basically plug in the terminals do that at one terminal so that’s my C terminal

my hermetic terminal is the yellow I saw the blue and my fan is the brown you

should you know the car coding was not it’s not going to be the same across

machine so make sure you note which one is which when you’re putting it on so

there we go all three are on next thing I do is put the breaker back in and turn it on

well as you can see my AC unit is now functioning again you see this fan is

spinning I can hear the compressor running and it sounds great so next

thing I need to do is put this side cover back on by putting those four

bolts in and you’re done oh and one more thing before you put the side cover back

on make sure you turn the power off remove the breaker and then put the

screws in that’s it for my Blog thank you very much for Reading if you like this Blog and it helped you out in some way.


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